Experience and watch a painting come to life! I can create personalized paintings at your: 

  •  Fundraiser or Charity Event
  • Wedding
  • Church Worship Service
  • Corporate Convention or Grand Opening Celebration
  • Festival
  • Any Special Private or Public Event



There are two types of painting sessions:  

Speed Painting - I create a painting from start to finish very quickly. For example, as a vocalist sang, I painted a portrait of Jesus during a church service. The entire painting was created in just six minutes. Afterwards the church auctioned off the painting to raise money for a mission trip.

Live Painting - I set up a canvas at your event and paint during the festivities. Capturing the setting - the movement, colors, and energy is my goal. This act adds volumes of atmosphere to your event and creates lasting memories for you and your guests. 

Rates are determined by hourly time, canvas size, materials used, and any finishing touches that need to be made after your event is complete. Additional fees may be added for travel expenses.

Please inquire to with questions!